May 9, 2020 (Saturday)
Streaming Live at 3:00pm EDT

Watch Here


Time Name Description
3:30 Elena + Calambre Visuals in Hydra by Elena; Vinyl music set by Calambre
4:00 Nyx + Miranda Elder Music in Tidal by Nyx; In-browser visuals by Miranda Elder
4:30 Una Sali Live coding in Sonic Pi; Contemplating about Coronavirus and humanity
5:00 jam!e + ori Visuals in Hydra by jam!e; Sonic Pi and Keyboard by ori
5:30 zetus lapetus Fractals using Hydra and Tidal
6:00 Dan & Adam Visuals in Hydra by Dan; Featuring a recorded live session by Dan (Sonic Pi) and Adam (synth)
6:30 Gingerale Sound and visuals in Sonic Pi and Hydra
7:00 earthtooliver Visuals set in Hydra by Oliver; Featuring music by Riley and Molly


What is this for?

This livestream is to showcase work by people in the Live Coding course at the New School during the Spring 2020 semester.

What is live coding?

Live coding is the act of manipulating code in real time as an artistic expression and/or performance. This concept is not new and there's a thriving global community already doing and discussing this. You can find more information about this here.

What is an algorave?

An algorave is an event featuring performers using algorithms to create sound and/or visuals. This is often done with live coding.

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